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3.68kW Inverter ibrido monofase 2 MPPT per installazione a colonna da (modulo WiFi incluso) BluE-S 3680D

3.68kW Inverter ibrido monofase 2 MPPT per installazione a colonna da (modulo WiFi incluso) BluE-S 3680D
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Marca: K STAR
UnitÓ di misura: PZ
Cod.Art.: 30200009
Peso: 15,000 Kg

PV String Input
Max. DC Voltage: 580V
Nominal Voltage: 400V
MPPT Voltage Range: 80V-560V
Start Voltage: 130V
Number of MPP Tracker: 2
Strings Per MPP Tracker: 1
Max. Input Current Per MPPT: 15A
Max. Short-circuit Current Per MPPT: 18A

AC Output (Grid)
Nominal AC Output Power: 3680W
Max. AC Apparent Power: 7360VA(from grid)
Max. AC Output Power: 3680W
Nominal AC Voltage: 230Vac
AC Grid Frequency Range: 50 / 60Hz▒5Hz
Max. Output Current: 16A
Max. Input Current: 32A
Power Factor (cosF ): 0.8leading-0.8lagging
THDi: <3%

Battery Input
Battery Type: LFP (LiFePO4)
Nominal Battery Voltage: 48V
Charging Voltage Range: 40-60V
Max. Charging Current: 50A
Max. Discharging Current: 80A
Battery Capacity : 100-400Ah
Charging Strategy for Li-ion Battery: Depend on the BMS

AC Output (Backup)
Max. Output Apparent Power: 4000VA
Peak Output Apparent Power: 6900VA 10sec
Max. Output Current: 16A
Nominal Output Voltage: 230V
Nominal Output Frequency: 50/60Hz
Output THDv (@Linear Load): <3%(Linear Load)

Max. PV Efficiency: 97.6%
Euro. PV Efficiency: 97.0%

DC Switch: Bipolar DC Switch (125A/Pole)
Anti-islanding Protection: Yes
Output Over Current: Yes
DC Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
String Fault Detection: Yes
AC/DC Surge Protection: DC Type II;AC Type III
Insulation Detection: Yes
AC Short Circuit Protection: Yes

General Specifications
Dimensions W x H x D: 540*590*240mm
Weight: 32kg
Operating Temperature Range: -25░C~+60░C
Noise (dB): <25
Cooling Type: Natural Convection
Max. Operation Altitude: 2000m
Operation Humidity: 0~95% (No Condensation)
IP Class: IP65
Topology: Battery Isolation
Communication: RS485/CAN2.0/WIFI/4G
Display: LCD/APP
Certification & Standard :
IEC/EN 62109-1&2;IEC/EN61000-6-1;IEC/EN61000-6-2;EN61000-6-3; IEC/EN61000-6-4;IEC/EN61000-3-11;
EN61000-3-12;IEC60529;IEC 60068;IEC61683;IEC62116;IEC61727;EN50549-1;
AS 4777.2;NRS 097;VDE-AR-N-4105;CEI0-21;G98;G99;C10/C11


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